Ebi Set To Announce Today

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will be one of the more interesting days of the recruiting season as the Blue
Devils, along with the rest of the nation, will learn just where
Ndudi Ebi
will be attending school. The 6-foot-9 Texas power forward is expected to
make his decision from Duke, Arizona, Texas, and Houston at a 10AM CST press
conference from the library at Westbury Christian High School in Houston.
Yesterday a number of outlets began reporting
that Ebi had in fact chosen Duke. However no official announcement has
been made, nor has any confirmation been received. What is known is that
head coach Mike Krzyzewski and assistant coach Steve Wojciechowski
met with Ebi and his high school yesterday after school.
"The University of Houston came in and watched
our athletic session today," said coach Greg Glen, "then after school Coach K
and Coach Wojo came in and met with us. Both visits went really well."
Both the Blue Devils and the Cougars made the
trip at the request of Ebi who apparently wanted some last minute information.
The Duke coaching staff was delayed in their departure from Durham due to an
early morning practice with the current team. did confront coach Glen with
the rumor that Ebi had already ended the process as of yesterday morning.
"I don't really know anything about that. I don't think I can comment on
anything of that nature" Glen said. "I just think that Ndudi is ready for
tomorrow and I think that he will be ready to do the right thing, and make the
right decision on Tuesday."
That seems to hold true with what Ebi told TDD
on Saturday night when he said "The only
thing that is finalized at this point is that I will make the announcement on
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linkClick Tuesday at 10 AM. I still haven't made up my mind at this time." [Here to view this Link.]. will have complete coverage of
the press conference beginning today at 11:00 EST.
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