Magic-al night for J.J. Redick

J.J. Redick
Team: Orlando Magic
Draft spot: No. 11
Projected: No. 11 by, No. 11 by ESPN, No. 15 by
Positives: Obviously a tremendous shooter…best shooter in the draft…should start soon because of his specialty and team need…will be ready for big minutes right away…improved his ability to create for himself…will shine with big men that know how to open shooting lanes up for guards.
Negatives: Athleticism will be a major concern on both ends of the floor…can he create his own shot?...defensively, Redick will need to improve his foot speed.
How does he fit: With Dwight Howard, one of the rising stars in the league manning the blocks, Redick will have plenty of looks from the perimeter…makes for an interesting player with one of the most intriguing young teams in the country…Jameer Nelson is a terrific drive and kick point guard…There is a real need for a two guard for the Magic.
Misc. Notes: News of his bad back kept some teams at bay prior to the draft.